• Physical Education (P.E.)

    Being Fit Matters

    Hello and welcome to the Gulf Beaches PE program!! Your coaches will be Coach Hinkle and Coach LaPiccirella. We will be focusing on teaching team sports and physical activities that will help develop physical skills and coordination while also teaching concepts such as sportsmanship, fair play, and equality in a fun and SAFE environment.

    Here are some important pieces of information:

    · Make sure your student is wearing the proper footwear on PE days

    o Only closed toed athletic shoes will be allowed

    o No chunky boots or heels

    o No Crocs

    · Your student may wear hats and sunglasses but they will be responsible for those items

    · Bring water bottles to PE

    o Water will not be provided and it is hot, please send your child with water

    o Only water is acceptable, no other drinks will be permitted

    How your student earns their grade:

    · Your student will earn two grades in PE

    o One grade will be for participation

    o One grade will be for behavior

    · Grades will be entered into the system approximately every two weeks

    o Each two weeks will be worth 5 points

    o Grades 3-5 will also have a 5 point end of unit quiz in addition to the bi-weekly grades for a total of 10 points

    Here are some keys to success for your student:

    · Participate every day

    o Students will vary in skill levels across the school, however, as long as your student is participating they will receive a good participation grade

    o Always try your best

    · We have high expectations for our students when it comes to behavior

    o Respect self, coaches, classmates, and equipment

    o Keep hands and feet to yourself

    o Listen to coaches

    o Practice good sportsmanship

    Please make sure to adhere to the important items to make PE go as smoothly as possible. Also, please talk to your student about how they can be successful at PE and always encourage them to do their best. We are excited to start the school year and we know we will have a great time at PE.

    FINS UP!!