• kindergarten
     Kindergartners are very curious little people! They want to learn all about the world and how it works. Kindergarten classrooms are where children learn to become comfortable working in a formal school setting. 
    Kindergartners begin to take note of all of the words around them. They play with language by creating silly rhymes and nonsense words, and teachers read a variety of poems, stories, and non-fiction books aloud to the children. 
    Counting cubes, number rods, and other math materials help kindergartners work with larger sets of numbers. They begin to learn how to solve simple addition and subtraction problems using physical materials and drawing pictures. 
    Kindergartners study plants and animals and explore the weather and seasons in science. They use simple experiments to become acquainted with the process of scientific inquiry, and are now capable of remembering more information and using it to make connections between things.  
    Diane Cafone
    Shannon Nordstrom
    Ragon Ralston
    Katie Whitenight