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     At Maximo Elementary, our children's physical education is taken very seriously. Our students learn much more than just simple games. Through rigorous individual and group activities, the Maximo Mariners focus on not only their health and physical education, but also their connection to real-world social skills and general classroom topics. 
    We invite you to review our letter to you regarding PE policies here at "The Max":

    PE Policies



    We will be assessing students' fitness using FitnessGram. To read more about FitnessGram, please click the file link below:

    FitnessGram Testing

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     Maximo boasts a large court area both with and without cover. The large, grassed back area of the school is ideal for field activities and running. 
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    The school has many outdoor areas for learning and physical activity. The two playgrounds seen here are but a couple of examples.  
    Our Coaches 
    Coach Emmerson Clarke
    Coach Mark Bender
    “If the sun is shining, you have no business being inside.”
    Oliver Gordon