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    Mentoring Matters - Become a Mentor Today

    If you’re thinking... I just don't have the time. Or, maybe you're asking...What would I do with the student? What would I talk about? Does mentoring really make a difference? Here what a student has to say about mentoring.
    "My mentor came into my life and provided structure, did things with me that my parents couldn't do. Read to me, listened and talked with me, and kept me focus on things I needed to do. My mentor helped me gain the confidence I never thought I would have."
    Mentors must be registered volunteers and attend a 2-hour Mentoring Workshop.
    Lunch Pals
    A great mentoring opportunity is our Lunch Pals Program. Mentors are paired with a student for the school year and commit to coming in one day a week to eat lunch with the student.

    Visit the Mentor Home Page for Pinellas County Schools.