School Safety

  • As a result of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act a number of safety
    measures have been put into place in Pinellas County Schools which will result in changes to the
    daily operations at Kings Highway Elementary Magnet School.

    • All staff will be participating in safety training before students begin school. We will
      continue with safety training throughout the school year.
    • Safety drills will take place monthly.
    • Joining our staff will be Safety Security Officer (SSO), Angel Ortez.
    • Our school office will be equipped with secure storefront glass.
    • All classroom doors will remain locked and latched when students are present and class
      is in session.
    •  All exterior gates will remain locked during school hours. The exception being the main
      visitor parking gates to permit visitors access during the days.
    • All visitors must be cleared to enter the secure area of the school through Badge Pass.
    • Visitors who do not have a Jessica Lunsford Act (JSA) Level 2 clearance must be escorted
      by school personnel at all times while on campus.
    • When you have a scheduled parent conference, the teacher will meet you in the office
      and escort you to the classroom or to a school conference room.
    • Parents can walk their children to class from August 13 th -August 15 th . Beginning
      Thursday, August 16 th , parents will no longer be allowed to escort their children to the

    Thank you for understanding that, while this may be an inconvenience, our first and most
    important priority is to keep your children safe.

    Please feel free to visit the district’s safety website for further information regarding school
    safety and to keep updated on the many aspects in school safety policy and procedures:

    Thank you for your support!!
    Principal Boyd