• We love our volunteers! Become one today! 

    All volunteers must be registered.  

    Volunteer Registrationis now online - www.pcsb.org/volunteerregistration   

    A copy of your state issued identification is required to process your registration.   

    Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the approval process. 

    Paper application are no longer accepted.  

    Volunteers who have previously registered must reactivate each year to stay current.

    To reactivate your status and Add hours please go to:

    Step 1 - https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/

    Step 2 - Sign on to Focus using your v.account

    (v.last name first initial – all lowercase)

    Username Example: v.smithd

    Password Last Name (first letter capitalized)

    Immediately followed by 4-digit birth year.

    Password example Smith1975