• Shore Acres Dress Code

    The dress and grooming of Shore Acres students shall be neat and clean, promoting a positive educational environment.


    Requirements for student dress:

    1. All shirts, tops, and dresses shall have sleeves and cover the shoulders. All shirts and blouses must cover midriff, back, sides, and all undergarments always.
    2. Shorts, skirts, divided skirts, dresses and culottes are allowed. They must be mid-thigh length or longer.
    3. All trousers, pants, or shorts must totally cover undergarments, including boxer shorts.
    4. All clothing shall be free of the following: profanity; violent images, wording or suggestion; gang related symbols; alcohol, tobacco, drugs or advertisements for such products.
    5. Students must wear close toed shoes daily for physical education and recess.

    Please refer to Pinellas County Code of Conduct for further clarification. The administration will be the final judge about whether a student’s clothing is appropriate for school or whether it will create an environmental climate that is distracting to learning.