Garden Club

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    Thank you to the following participating members:

    Sheila Montante, Master Gardener

    Nioma Brown

    Tim Mulligan

    Stephen Peffly

    Emmanual Owa

    Amard Smith

    Tyler Beaird

    Todd Frain

    James Whitton

    Bennett Smith

    Lisset Hanewicz

    Danny Fittro

    Taylor Koonts

    Brian Furnuto

    Alexander Romero

    Allison Boulanger

    Mr. Low and the Gardening Club

    Thank you for your generous donation:

    Claudette and Brian Fornuto

    Lisset and Wayne Hanewicz

    Sheila and Jim Montante

    Keith and Shelly Painter

    Lola Ward

    Ellen Shriber


    student gardening

    students working in the garden


    students working in the garden

    Salad from the garden:

    Salad from the garden

    Salad from the garden

    salad from the garden