My child will be visiting Finance Park!

  • After completing the Finance Park curriculum in class, students will visit the park for a reality-based, hands-on simulation.  Six students are assigned to a business with one adult volunteer.  A typical day is divided into six parts.

    1. OPENING: Whole group meeting
      • Staff introductions
      • General information, policies, expectations and procedures
      • Overview of the day's events
    2. THE TRUTH REVEALED: Business Group
      • Students report to assigned businesses, receive materials, sign in onto iPads and calculate Net Monthly Incomes and Savings.
      • Volunteers use answer keys to verify all answers.
    3. THE BIG SEARCH: Independent work
      • Students work independently and visit every business in Finance Park, collecting codes to unlock more information. Volunteers monitor and assist students as needed.
    4. THE BUDGET PUZZLE: Business Group
      • Students develop a balanced budget based on their fictional life situation.  
      • Volunteers provide financial advice to their group of six students to help them make sound decisions.
    5. THE FINAL COMMITMENT: Independent work
      • Students complete online shopping and make appropriate selections for their fictional life situation. This is their opportunity to complete the Stetson Survey.
      • Students proceed to the checkout area to return their iPads to a staff member, receive their award and then select their prize(s).
      • Lunch is served at McDonald's for all students and volunteers.
      • Volunteers continue to monitor and assist students as needed.
      •  Additional independent activities may be assigned.
    6. THE CLOSING: Whole group meeting
      • The day’s events are summarized, businesses are cleaned up and students are dismissed.
      • Volunteers are then released.

    We request that all students sit on the carpet several times during the day.  Please encourage students to dress appropriately and comfortably.



    For more information about how to volunteer, contact your child's classroom teacher or your school's volunteer coordinator.