Non-PCSB Transportation Information

  • Our team of dedicated Transportation Specialists are ready to drive you! Each bus seats 65 passengers, with 3 passengers in each seat. This total includes students and adults, and must not be exceeded. Our yellow school buses are equipped with safety equipment, two-way radios, and air-conditioning.

    The buses will arrive at your site at least 15 minutes prior to departure. This allows time for boarding and a brief safety instruction. Our drivers require a list of all passengers on their bus in case of emergency. Passengers are expected to remain seated for the entire ride, and talk quietly with their neighbors. No eating or drinking (water excluded) is permitted on our buses. Teachers are responsible for their students' behavior on the bus.

    The bus arrival and departure times are calculated to have you arrive at Gus A. Stavros Institute on schedule. Please understand there are factors beyond our control, including inclement weather and heavy traffic which may affect travel times.

    Upon arrival at the Institute, passengers should be ready to disembark the bus and proceed directly to their site to begin their program.

    At the end of the program, passengers should proceed to their buses and prepare to depart. Teachers are responsible for ensuring all students are accounted for.

    Transportation costs are calculated on actual drive time and mileage, beginning and ending at the Institute. The current price is $38.00 per hour and $1.75 per mile. Any tolls incurred are your responsibility.


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