Community & Corporate Volunteer Opportunities


    Community Volunteer Opportunities

    Enterprise Village and Finance Park are always looking for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to assist fifth and eighth grade students in the exciting, fast-paced world of hands-on economics.
    As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help prepare our children to become responsible and productive citizens.  Working with the students in this environment is fun and exciting.  

    When you volunteer in Enterprise Village you will be assigned to work in a business with a small group of fifth-graders helping them perform their job duties, prepare bank deposits and other various tasks.  
    In Finance Park, you will be assigned a small group of eighth-graders.  During the day, you will help them prepare a budget, make decisions about housing, transportation and other necessities.

    A training session is held the morning you volunteer. The day with students lasts about four and a half hours.  How often you volunteer is entirely up to you.

    To become a community volunteer, you must be an approved Pinellas County Schools volunteer.  The registration process is fast and easy!  Simply fill out both pages of the Volunteer Registration Form and return it along with a legible copy of your driver’s license.  The school district will then conduct a background check.  This process takes approximately two weeks.

    Corporate / Team Building

    Enterprise Village and Finance Park can provide corporate teams with a unique team building experience.  If you enjoy working with students, we have an exciting opportunity for you!  In the space of six short hours, we can have your team learning new communications skills, sharing creative ideas and so much more.  We will provide your corporate volunteers with all the necessary training to have a fun and rewarding team-building experience.  There is no cost to you and you may just learn a little something in the process.

    For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Karen Brighton at (727) 588-3746 ext. 2257 or email to


Volunteer Registration Forms

  • Go to the download page form printable PDF forms and instructions on how to submit the forms.