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      Homework Help

      If your student is struggling with a course or standard within a course, we highly recommend you reach out to your school and the teacher first.  Pinellas County Schools offer a variety of extended learning and tutoring options and your student’s teacher is always the best resource for understanding student struggles and providing academic support. 

      What should I do if I’m struggling with a homework problem?

      *Use the power of the Internet.  Place the problem in the search bar and select from YouTube videos, articles, excerpts from book, and many other sources.

      (Choose a reliable source:  https://youtu.be/q1k8rcYUmbQ)

      *Reach out to your teacher and/or a peer in the same class.

      *Review the many resources below.

      *Contact a Pinellas eCounselor for support. 

      Homework Tips
      Establish a routine
      • Make a schedule and stick to it.
      • Decide with your child the best time and place for doing homework.  You may think the best time is right after school, but your child may need a break first and then do  their homework after dinner.
      • Do homework at the same time every day.  If you child is involved in after school  activities, homework comes first!  Since coaches sometimes change practice schedules from week to week, plan ahead to complete homework assignments.

      Set up a study area
      • Do homework in the same place every day.
      • Find a place with proper lighting where your child is comfortable.
      • A desk or table, even the kitchen table, can be used before or after dinner.

      Homework survival kit
      • Get the supplies your child needs: pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, paper, crayons,  dictionary, scissors, glue, ruler, calculator and other supplies.
      • Keep supplies in a box near the study area.

      • Homework time needs to be a time when your child can concentrate.  Work at reducing distractions and interruptions.

      When to call the teacher?
      • If your child is having a great deal of difficulty, schedule a conference with your child's  teacher.
      • The teacher may be unaware that your child is having trouble with the assignments.
      • Together you can work out a plan for your child's success.


      Study Resources

      Personalized Learning Pathway

      Students can log into their Personalized Learning Pathway (PLP) through Clever to track their progress towards graduation, build resumes and keep track of goals and activities, and see their performance on assessments and access targeted lessons.  These lessons can help a student review a standard or concept to build their knowledge of the course work and complete their homework.

      Khan Academy

      Not-for-profit organization that provides an extensive video library, interactive challenges, and assessments. The video library covers K-12 math, science, and social sciences. Students can create an account online and will have access to all of the resources the site provides.

      Algebra Nation

      Algebra Nation is a dynamic resource available to all math students and teachers in Florida! Aligned to the Florida Mathematics Standards by the University of Florida, Algebra Nation is customized to help students succeed in 6th-8th Grade Mathematics, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and beyond.

      CPALMS Florida Students

      Inside this website you will find resources located from all over the web to support your learning in language arts, mathematics, science, civics, and U.S. History.  They have more than 800 original student tutorials and we are constantly adding more so make sure to constantly check in for new updates.

      Virtual Nerd

      Extensive library of instructional videos that are available free of charge. 

      Tutors- Check with your school counselor

      Pinellas eCounselor

      Pinellas eCounselor is staffed after hours, Monday-Friday, 4 pm-9 pm, to assist in answering your questions on topics that include:

      • High School Preparation
      • State Graduation Requirements
      • College and Career Planning
      • Financial Aid and Scholarship Questions
      • Advanced Coursework Opportunities