Blanton's Uniform Policy

  • Uniform Definitions

    Tops: White, Powder Blue, or Navy Blue

    • No logos other than the “approved” Blanton Dolphin logo.
    • Must have a collar.
    • No color trims, buttons, or lace.
    • Sleeves must cover at least shoulders.

    Bottoms: Navy Blue or Khaki

    • Belts are required for pants with loops.
    • Must not be excessively baggy or tight.
    • Must not have more than the standard two front and two rear pockets.
    • Must not be made of denim (jeans) material or parachute or sheen type finish or sweat pants material.

    Socks: White or Navy Blue

    • Should be white or navy blue.
    • Must cover the ankle.
    • Must not have logos, including manufacturer’s logos and must be single matching color.


    • Must always be worn.
    • Must fit properly so that the student  may participate in PE.
    • Must have closed toe and heel.
    • Cowboy boots or similar style shoes/boots are not allowed.


    • Although the uniform policy states: “Parents may select whatever type of outerwear they wish their children to wear,” the outerwear must not be used to avoid conforming to the uniform policy.

    Jewelry, buttons, pins etc.

    • Buttons, pins and other such items will not be worn on any part of the school uniform, except for those that are given out by the school.
    • Jewelry may be worn by students, but must not be attached to any part of the uniform.
    • Key chains and wallet security chains are not permitted.
    • Students are encouraged to wear their hair in a neat and non-disturbing manner. Colored spray hair dyes and Mohawk style haircuts are not permitted.
    • Students are not permitted to wear makeup.
  • Uniform Vendors


    Many department stores carry uniforms. Stores where uniforms may be purchased are WalMart, K-Mart, Bealls Department Stores, Target, JC Penneys, Sears and consignment shops.


    Used Uniform Shop

    Blanton Elementary School has organized and maintained a used uniform shop. Parents are welcome to donate used uniforms when students outgrow their uniforms or withdraw from Blanton.


  • Aim: Improve student behavior and increase student achievement.

    Goal: Reduce incidents of student misconduct, raise student self-esteem, and ultimately raise student achievement through the implementation of a school-wide uniform policy.

    Responsibility:  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to assure that uniforms conform to the school’s uniform policy. Parents/guardians need to be aware that just because a particular store or garment tag says that they meet uniform standards does not guarantee that the item in fact conforms to Blanton’s uniform policy.  Uniforms may be brought to the school to determine if they conform to the school’s uniform policy.