• Dress Code Requirements for Students


    Tops: Polo style, short or long sleeve, with no logos, and can be any solid color.  Sleeves must cover the shoulders, and tops must cover the midriff at all times. 


    Bottoms: Khaki style, any solid color, with no rips or cargo pockets.  Skirts are permitted; however, no shorter than mid-thigh; no jeans. Leggings can be worn under skirts only; they must be a solid color with no rips or tears. 


    Footwear: Shoes must be in good condition with a strap around the heel.  No slides or flip-flops. 


    Outerwear and hats: Hats are not permitted on campus unless required for weather-related events.  Solid sweatshirts or Cardigan-type sweaters are allowed. Hoodies are not permitted. 


    PE Uniforms

    PE, Health, and Wellness Leadership uniforms:

    • Black athletic-type shorts (no form-fitting shorts, no spandex)
    • Gray crew-neck t-shirts
    • Appropriate athletic-type shoes