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    PCS Student Information System (Focus)

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    For Parents
    Use your former Parent password issued by the school. For issues, please contact the front office of the school.
    Click Here for a Focus Training Tutorial For Parents 

    For Students
    Use your student Pinellas Domain/Network Credentials (R2.D2) to access. If you are having issues, contact your teacher.

    For Staff
    Use your Pinellas Domain/Network Credentials that give you access to Outlook and many other applications that requires changing every 90 days. For issues or incorrect access levels:   

    For Volunteers
    Use your v. account to activate and enter your volunteer hours. For issues please contact the Family & Community Liaison at the school.

    For Others
    For Others, please contact your account sponsor/PCS contact.

    For Staff and Parents: Forgot your password? Click Here