• Special Services
    Special Programs
    Fairmount Park Elementary School offers the following special services to enhance the education of your child:
    1. Extended day tutoring in Reading and Math
    2. Early Success Program (ESP)
    3. Commitment to Character
    4. R'Club before and after school care
    5. Safety Patrols
    6. DOORWAYS Scholarships
    7. Multicultural Committee
    8. Title 1
    9. Paraprofessional/hourly teachers
    10. Computer Lab
    11. Chorus (4th and 5th grade)
    12. 5000 Role Models
    13. Girlfriends of Pinellas
    14. Rhythm Masters (Drum Club)
    Qualifying students at Fairmount Park Elementary School have the opportunity to be involved in the following needs-specific programs:
    1. Speech and Language
    2. Specific learning disabilities (SLD)
    3. Intellectual Disabilities
    4. Pre-K varying exceptionalities (VE)
    5. Students Targeted for Achievement and Success (STARS)
    computer lab
    Computer Lab