• Special Services Special Programs
    Fairmount Park Elementary School offers the following special services to enhance the education of your child:
    1. Extended day tutoring in Reading and Math
    2. Reading Recovery
    3. Commitment to Character
    4. R'Club before and after school
    5. Title 1
    6. Paraprofessional/hourly teachers
    7. Computer Lab
    8. 5000 Role Models
    9. Girlfriends of Pinellas
    Qualifying students at Fairmount Park Elementary School have the opportunity to be involved in the following needs-specific programs:
    1. Speech and Language
    2. Specific learning disabilities (SLD)
    3. Intellectual Disabilities
    4. Pre-K varying exceptionalities (VE)
    5000 Role Models
    5000 Role Models
    Girl Friends
    Girl Friends