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    School Counseling Information


    Hello Seahawk Families!  My name is Danielle Matthews and it is my pleasure to continue as your school counselor.  I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information about Sutherland’s school counseling program and the variety of ways I assist students and families.


    Classroom Lessons

    Classroom lessons occur monthly and are developed to support students’ social and emotional learning, academic skills, and career exploration.  Lesson topics include skills such as healthy decision making, school success, resolving conflicts, respecting others, and much more!  Please refer to the monthly school counselor newsletter for specific information about what your child will be learning during these lessons. 


    Small Groups

    Groups are offered throughout the year to help students with specific needs.  Groups may focus on topics such as self-regulation, friendship skills, coping with family change, or coping with the death of a loved one.  Teachers or parents may request that a student participate in a small group.  Parent permission is necessary before a student may participate in a small group. 


    Individual Counseling

    There may be a time when a student is in need of individual support.  This short-term, educationally based support is not intended to take the place of, or replicate, long term therapeutic counseling services.  This support could focus on needs such as handling emotions or academic/personal goal setting.


    Community Agency Support

    This may include information regarding counseling services, Clothes to Kids, Hospice, Toys for Tots, Kinship Services Network (an agency that supports grandparents/aunts/uncles that are caring for a family member), etc.


    Additional Services 

    I also facilitate the following

    • Section 504-Section 504 is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities.  If eligible, Section 504 ensures that a child with a disability has equal access to education.
    • Gifted testing-This process begins with either a parent or teacher request.   
    • ACCEL-School Board policy regarding whole grade acceleration
    • Hospital Homebound

    I look forward to another wonderful year at Sutherland.  Please contact me by phone at

    (727) 724-1466 ext. 2049, by email at matthewsd@pcsb.org , or in person if I can help you or your child in any way!