School Information

  • East Lake Middle SchoolEast Lake Middle School

    Address: 1200 Silver Eagle Drive, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

    Phone: 727-940-7624

    Fax: 727-754-8653

    Pinellas County Schools Administration: (727) 588-6000

    Principal: Ms Huzar

    Counselor: Ms. Chichester

    School Hours: 7:25 am – 1:55 pm

    Our Mission: East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering will prepare students to be college and career ready and have the skills to compete in a global society.

    East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering offers rigorous academic courses based upon the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) - Gateway To Technology (GTT) program. The knowledge students gain and the skills they build from the PLTW - GTT program will create a strong foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), encouraging their success in future academic endeavors.

    Our Academy of Engineering

    • Strengthens the core curriculum (English, science, social studies, math)
    • Offers a pre-engineering, technical career-based and High School preparatory program.
    • Creates a dynamic partnership between the local community, industry and East Lake or any other PCS High School.


    High Student Expectations

    • Understand technology as a tool for problem solving.
    • Understand the scientific process, engineering problem solving and the application of technology, engineering programs and technical careers.
    • Understanding technological systems as they interface with other systems.
    • Use of mathematics principles in their application to problem solving.
    • Communicate effectively using reading,writing, listening and speaking skills.
    • Demonstrate the ability to be creative, leading to innovation. Innovation drives our economy.