Volunteer Registration and Background Screening Procedures

  •  June 2020

    New Volunteers – Volunteer applicants must complete an online volunteer registration and upload a Government Issued photo ID. A Level 1 (National Background Screening at no cost to the volunteer) will be processed by the District Office of Strategic Partnerships. Please confirm with the Family & Community Liaison at the school if additional Level 2 screening is a requirement for volunteering. When the applicant has been Level 1 background checked approved they will receive an email with the volunteer's user ID and password to log their volunteer hours in the volunteer system.

    Volunteers are required to sign in at the front office and wear a volunteer name tag while on campus or at a school sponsored event. All Level 1 volunteers will be escorted to and from their volunteer destination and will be in line site of a PCSB Employee or Level 2 volunteer. 

    If you're a returning volunteer, you do not need to complete the onine volunteer registration again.  Please make sure you activate your volunteer profile in the volunteer system prior to volunteering. If your child is attending a new school please contact the Family & Community Liaison at the new school, and ask to have your volunteer profile connected to the school. 

    Level 2 Volunteers - If volunteers are unsupervised with students (unsupervised contact such as: field trips; overnight fieldtrips, taking a group of students on a tour etc.,) or the school requires an additional level of screening (fingerprint screening processed through the FBI/FDLE - Federal Bureau of Investigation and Florida Department of Law Enforcement) please follow the Level 2 process below. 

    • Volunteers must be approved Level I in the volunteer system before obtaining a Level 2 fingerprint screening. The screening vendors are listed below.
      • Volunteers will need to bring a Government Issued ID and provide a social security number to the vendor.
    • The fingerprint results will be sent to the Office of Strategic Partnerships within 5 business days. The volunteer's profile will be updated to Level 2 upon receipt of the results. Please contact the school you volunteer at to confirm your profile has been updated to Level 2.
    • The Family & Community Liaison will give you an authorization form to acquire your Level 2 photo ID badge. 
      • Please wear your Level 2 photo ID badge when on the school campus or school sponsored events.
    • Level 2 screenings are valid for five years. All level 2 volunteers will need to be rescreened prior to/or after the five-year expiration date if you wish to continue volunteering in an unsupervised capacity. 

    If you have been fingerprinted by your employer, please ask your HR Department to provide the screening results, or an email confirming you were FBI/FDLE screened, the date of the screening and that you're a current employee to the Office of Strategic Partnerships for review and approval. 

    Please continue to log your volunteer hours. Use the Google Chrome browser go to https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer –  if you do not know the user ID and Password please contact the family & community liaison at your school.

    Recommended Level 2 Vendors for Volunteers Only. Please contact the vendor to set an appointment for your level 2 screening.

    Postal Annex
    2520 N. McMullen Booth Rd. Ste. B., Clearwater, FL 33761-4181 - Tel: 727-400-6801 - Hours: Monday ~ Friday 9:00 A.M. ~ 5:00 P.M. or Saturday 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. Walk-ins are welcome. Fee $48.00 - American Express not accepted
    Goin' Postal
    35595 US Hwy 19N., Palm Harbor, FL 34684 - Tel: 727-437-0242 Hours: Monday ~ Friday 9:30 A.M. ~ 4:00 P.M. Fee $43.50
    EZ FingerPrints 
    1725 East Bay Drive, Suite D, Largo, FL -Phone: 727-479-0805 - Walk-ins are welcome or you may call ahead. - Monday – Friday 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. No appointment needed. Fee $48.00
    BIM - The UPS Store
    13799 Park Blvd., Seminole, FL 33776 - PH 727-478-0749 – Hours: M-F 9:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M. - Sat 10:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. Volunteers must call the number above to schedule an appointment. Fee $43.50 - Debit/Credit, CASH ONLY (exact change please)
    Express Fingerprints 
    6101 Park Blvd., Suite D., Pinellas Park, FL 337812- Phone: 727-768-2904 - Hours 8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. No appointment needed. Fee $45.00 - An additional $20.00 mobile site fee for individuals. Groups of ten or more the $20.00 fee will be waived.
    Screening Procedures for:
    Charter School Volunteers - Please contact the Charter School for the VECHS ORI Number before you go to get your Level II screening done. 
    College Student Interns – College Students who are beginning any practicum, internship, field experience, or any type of observations must be registered and Level 2 fingerprinted prior to completing any educational course requirements. Level 2 applies to all school levels.
    Please complete the Student Intern Security Check Form with a copy of your government issued identification. Faxed, emailed or scanned copies are not acceptable, only original forms will be accepted. Click on this link: PCS HR Fingerprinting Page and follow the instructions. If you have questions regarding student internships contact Megan Marshall, 727-588-6000 x1909 or email: marshallm@pcsb.org

    All New Employees of Pinellas County Schools - PCS Fingerprinting Services are divided into six subgroups: PCS New hires, PCS College Student Interns, PCS Charter School Employees, PCS Volunteers, PCS Students in Health related fields, and Vendors/Contractors. Fees vary and the FDLE/FBI report results are group specific, so please choose the appropriate category carefully. 

    Employees new to Pinellas County Schools - Administrators, Instructional Staff including Part-time Hourly and Substitutes, Supporting Services, Alternative Staff (coaches), Contracted Services Employees (CSE’s with the appropriate paperwork). CSE’s are not to be confused with a vendor/contractor or vice versa. CSE’s are PCS employees and receive a paycheck from Pinellas County Schools.
    Fieldprint, Inc. is the service provider for this group.

    Follow these procedures: New employees will be notified by HR staff when it is appropriate for them to log into the Pinellas County Schools district website to schedule their fingerprinting. Click on: PCS HR Fingerprinting Page · Follow the instructions found on this Web page. The department to contact with questions is Human Resources, 727-588-6000ext 1936

    Charter School Employees - Fieldprint, Inc. is the service provider for this group. Follow these procedures: New charter school employees will be notified by their charter schools when it is appropriate for them to log into the Pinellas County Schools district website to schedule their fingerprinting. Click on: PCS HR Fingerprinting Page Follow the instructions found on this web page. The person to contact with questions is Valerie Washington, 727-588-6391.

    Vendor and Contractors for Pinellas County Schools
    Fieldprint is the service provider for this group. This vendor/contractor group includes individuals, companies and organizations that are directly or indirectly contracted to provide services and goods to the district. The staff of these companies and organizations are not paid as employees of Pinellas County Schools. Follow these procedures:

    Vendor/Contractors will be notified by their employers when it is appropriate for them to log into Fieldprint website to schedule their appointment for fingerprinting. Vendor/Contractors will follow these procedures for Contractor Badge Instructions.

    The department to contact is Pinellas County Schools Police – Patricia Cross or Sheila Diehl – 727-547-7279.