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    The 21st Century iClass Learning Center Program provides students a valuable and reliable resource to assist them with their college aspirations, careers and life. The role of the 21st Century iClass Learning Center, as designated by Pinellas County Schools, is to serve and support the mission of 100% Student Success, while also expanding the impact, reach, and capacity of education via a revolutionary independent community-based learning academy. The 21st Century iClass Learning Center will fulfill its mandate by effectively implementing a clear strategic plan, which addresses the needs of our collaborative partners while also empowering Pinellas County students to reach their full potential. Free of charge to parents.
    The 21st Century Learning Center, is a comprehensive program designed to provide activities that support high-quality expanded learning to meet the needs of 240 children and families of 12 low-performing elementary schools. Eisenhower Elementary,Dunedin Elementary, High Point Elementary, Midtown Academy, Fairmount Park, Campbell Park, Lakewood Elementary, Maximo Elementary, Melrose Elementary, New Heights Elementary, Ponce De Leon Elementary, and Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary have been mandated by the district to provide extended learning time to help students meet state and local academic achievement standards. Centers located at each school site will introduce students to teaching and learning strategies using state-of-the-art processes and software that supports core curriculum and social development standards. The project goals focus on improving the academic performance of those students with the greatest need, by addressing the entire child and family dynamic. The services provided by the 21st Century iClass program is of no cost to parents and families.

    For more information, visit the 21st Century Community Learning Center website