Teaching and Learning Services

  • Mission Statement
    "The Mission of Teaching and Learning is to provide quality curricular, instructional, and assessment resources to support staff and student learning."

    The Division of the Teaching and Learning seeks to support and enhance the efforts of our schools, thus enabling students to perform at their highest levels of achievement.  The Division provides leadership, guidance, and support with respect to curriculum materials, implementation of Florida Standards, professional learning, and the delivery of research-based instructional strategies and practices. 

    As a service organization, our division is focused to ensure that all students receive the highest quality education by equipping our students with the skills and knowledge to achieve success in post-secondary education and productive employment. 

    Our Division includes many departments such as, Elementary Education; Middle School Education; High School Education; Career, Technical, and Adult Education; Exceptional Student Education; Assessment, Accountability, and Research; Library, Technology, Instructional Materials and Digital Learning; Advanced Studies and Academic Excellence; PE, Athletics, Extracurricular Activities

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    Required Instruction

    Florida Statute 1003.42 requires certain topics to be taught in public schools each year and that the school district report on which courses and materials are used to meet the requirements.  View the most recent report.

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Approved Field Trip List and Process

  • The Field Trip List for Pinellas County Schools is updated every year in July through the Division of Teaching and Learning Services.  This list has been compiled with input from teachers, the Division of Teaching and Learning Services, principals, and community stakeholders.  Having a board-approved field trip list allows schools to plan field trips and engage in trip fund raising activities without waiting for district approval on forms.  School Board policy 2340 will be followed in submitting field trip requests.  A Board-approved field trip list reduces the amount of paperwork teachers need to complete and permits more time for trip planning and trip fund raising activities.


    If you are a vendor and would like to be added to the list, please send all pertinent information to Heather Rochkind at rochkinds@pcsb.org.  It will be sent to the appropriate content specialist for review and an approval or denial will be communicated back to you.  If approved, it will go for School Board approval in July and added to the list.