School Board

  • Lisa N. Cane
  • Carol J. Cook
    Vice Chairperson
  • Caprice Edmond
  • Laura Hine
  • Eileen M. Long
  • Stephanie Meyer
  • Dawn M. Peters
  • District Representation


    The mission of the Pinellas County School Board is to provide the best opportunities for all students to succeed by adopting policies that ensure continual improvement of highest student achievement, safe learning environment and effective, efficient operation. As the governing body of the Pinellas County school district, the School Board is responsible for the control, operation, organization, management and administration of schools in Pinellas County "pursuant to the provisions and minimum standards prescribed by Florida Statutes and the State Board of Education Rules." Among its other responsibilities, the Board determines the rules necessary for the district's operation and general improvement. For a further description of the Board's duties, see Bylaws in the district's policy manual.

    The Pinellas County School Board consists of seven members who should be qualified electors of the school district. Three members shall be elected at-large by the qualified voters of the entire school district. Four members shall be elected from single-member districts by the voters who reside in each of the single-member districts. Each of those four members is required to reside within the single-member district from which he or she is elected. All seven members will represent the entire district upon their election. The Board appoints a superintendent, who serves as chief administrative officer of Pinellas County Schools. The Board also employs the School Board Attorney, who reports directly to the Board.

    Organizational Structure of Pinellas County Schools

    The Board elects its Chairperson and Vice Chairperson annually. Elected in November 2023.

    Board meetings are held twice monthly during most months.

    The public is encouraged to contact the School Board Members on any issue. You may contact the entire Board or an individual member through the School Board Office.
    Phone: 727-588-6300 
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