Real Estate and Facility Leasing

  • Pinellas County Schools is the largest land-owner in Pinellas County with nearly 150 schools, centers and land holdings that occupy approximately 2,600 acres of land.  The Real Estate Department works with the local municipalities and other agencies to enact and enforce easements, rights-of-way, vacations, along with any other real estate concerns that may affect Borad-owned property. 

    The department manages approximately 125 long-term land and facility-use agreements that provide reciprocal uses and other types of partnership services to local agencies, municipalities and non-profits throughout our county.  They also filter ongoing interest from the public for use of the facilities for short-term community uses, facilitating approximately 800 short-term facility leases, per year, which generate over $2.2 Million Dollars for our schools. 


    Community Uses of Schools

    For all questions regarding leasing our schools please contact Kelly Fasce, (727) 547-7137 or email

    Property for Sale


    For all questions regarding our Board-owned property or long-term leases, please contact Lutricia (Trish) Johnson, (727) 547-7291 or email