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Office of Strategic Partnerships

  • Welcome to the Office of Strategic Partnerships, where we're all about creating connections that matter! Our team takes care of all the fantastic ways families and communities come together in our district. From awesome volunteering and mentoring programs to exciting partnerships with local businesses, community groups, faith-based organizations, government, and universities, we've got it covered. 

    We're here to be your go-to source of help and advice, whether you're from within our schools, district-level teams, community or business stakeholders, philanthropists, or even postsecondary institutions. Our ultimate goal? Making sure every student in Pinellas County gets the support they need to thrive. 

    Our mission is all about building connections between families, communities, schools, and the district, all working together for 100% student success. We're big believers in the power of partnerships, and we invite students, parents, families, and community members to dive right in and be part of the excitement. So, let's "GET ENGAGED and STAY ENGAGED" with Pinellas County Schools – there's something amazing here for everyone!


    Seymour Brown, Ed.D.

    Director, Strategic Partnerships




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