Records Management

  • RECORDS MANAGEMENT MISSION STATEMENT: To preserve organizational memory for internal and external customers by providing and promoting appropriate records retention, maintenance, and disposition processes.

    Records Management for Pinellas County Schools is located in the Bernice Johnson Service Center, 2929 County Road 193, Clearwater. Employees in this department are the experts who understand the rules and regulations pertaining to the retention and disposal of records. Records Management compiles an annual list of district records that are in storage and have satisfied their required retention periods. The required retention period is determined by the Florida Department of State, State Library and Archives.

    storage boxes

    Use the applicable State of Florida General Records Schedules to determine the most appropriate record series for all district records. This information is to be listed on the Records Storage Request form used when preparing records for storage and/or destruction.   

  • DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION - Schools and departments are encouraged to routinely dispose of records that can legally be discarded. The state requires Pinellas County Schools to annually report the volume of each record title destroyed in our district. Records Management prepares that report at the end of each school year.     

    Records Management requests that all schools and departments send their records to Central Records, including shredding, in a labeled box to determine if the records have met their retention period. Please see the Preparing School/Department Records for Storage/Destruction procedures for guidance on how to prepare your records for storage and/or destruction.   

    If your school/department destroys/shreds documents on site, or if your documents are shredded off site by a third party, you are required to fill out the Disposal Authorization form. This form must be signed by your principal or supervisor and returned to Records Management no later than December. Remember, you do not have to pay for shredding, Records Management does it for you!