Strategic Planning and Policy

  • PCS District Strategic Plan

    The Strategic Planning and Policy division collects and analyzes data in support of the District's Strategic Plan goals. This division also supports schools in their development of site-based School Improvement Plans. This division also writes and updates District policies for School Board approval. 
    "Every organization needs a road map to advance from where it is now to where it wants to be in the future. Pinellas County Schools’ road map is the District Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan, which contains clear goals for the upcoming school year, is the driving force for the District’s actions. It guides all planning, fiscal decision-making and student achievement efforts. The Superintendent submits a Strategic Plan annually, coinciding with the development, approval and adoption of the District budget. The District’s Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Directions and Action Goals are key components of the Strategic Plan."
    For more information regarding the District Strategic Plan and other PCS data, view the Pinellas County Schools District Plan.


    CIMS (Continuous Improvement Management System)

    Formerly known as SIP Online, this site can be used by the general public to view published School Improvement Plans for Florida schools.
    Schools identified by the Florida Department of Education as Differentiated Accountability (DA) Schools are required to submit their SIP plans on the CMS site. Non-DA Schools can also submit SIP plans using the CIMS siste, but are not required to do so. All Pinellas County Schools' SIP plans are located on the District's website.