Human Resources

  • Through improvements in automation and technology, we are striving to maintain a highly efficient and effective operation that treats every potential and current employee as an important part of the education family in Pinellas County. From initial application to retirement, we view each staff member as a vital part of our effort to provide the quality of educational experience that our community expects and demands from our public schools.

    The mission of the Credentialing Team is to support the District’s goal of a high-performing workforce by ensuring that appropriately certified educators are in all classrooms.

    The role of the Compensation team is to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to prudently manage compensation programs, align compensation practices with sound operations which focus on attracting and retaining highly-qualified employees resulting in long-term performance. We strive to consult in the design of comprehensive compensation programs, develop procedures, model salary and staffing scenarios, create and maintain job descriptions. The Compensation team also handles specialized hiring: additional duty, part time hourly teachers, and contracted service employees. As part of its mission, the Compensation team also has the responsibility to ensure that incentives provided are compliant with state and federal stat.

    Office of Equal Opportunity
    Office of Equal Opportunity will administer comprehensive services whereby all customers are given an equal opportunity to participate in programs, activities and employment; and monitor all practices, policies and procedures for compliance with federal, state, county and district guidelines.

    Personnel Records
    The goal of the Personnel Records Team is to increase the effective and efficient operations of the district's personnel records and verification processes through governance transparency, data protection, regulatory compliance, and cost reduction. The office of Personnel Records oversees the management of personnel files and personnel information.
    Professional Development
    A dynamic highly quality professional development program is essential in creating schools in which all students and staff members are learners who continually improve their performance. The Pinellas County School System embraces the National Staff Development Council (NSDC) Standards for staff development to ensure that a high-quality, ongoing professional development program, with follow up and support, is available to all levels of the organization. Recognizing that high quality professional development should be modeled after the NSDC Standards, Professional Development is continually working with providers of training to redesign professional development that reflects National Staff Development Council (NSDC) Standards.

    Risk Management
    Risk Management & Insurance is divided into four goal oriented teams focused on administering employee benefit, retirement and risk management programs that support highest student achievement, high performing workforce and effective and efficient operations. Our responsibilities include employee benefits, employee discounts, wellness, retirement programs, workers compensation, safety & loss control, insurance and risk management. Department staff ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, provide risk management and safety services to schools and departments and manage a variety of district programs affecting employees and students.