Pinellas County Schools Referendum

  • Pinellas County Schools Referendum

  • The Pinellas County Schools Referendum is on the November 2024 ballot.

    Community members and families support public education and recognize the importance of the Referendum. Pinellas County voters have overwhelmingly supported the Referendum since it was first approved in 2004. 

    Proposal for the 2024 Referendum

    • Continue independent committee oversight of the Referendum to ensure that funds are spent as voters intended
    • Change millage rate to 1.0 mill, consistent with surrounding counties
    • Recruit and retain quality teachers and support staff; preserve music, art and reading classes; and provide current technology
    • Continue and potentially increase the teacher salary supplement
    • Add salary supplement for support staff (defined as employees who are not teachers and not on the administrative salary scale)

    Currently, the Referendum:

    • Helps recruit and retain quality teachers: Eighty percent of the Referendum revenue supplements teacher salaries. For the 2023-2024 school year, each teacher will receive a salary supplement of $6,328 as part of their base salary.
    • Supports all students through new or expanded classroom libraries, additional supplies, increased training opportunities for teachers, and updated computers and technology.
    • Funds intensive small-group literacy programs that help students read at grade level, instrument rental fees for students that can't afford them, and paid admission for field trips to museums and art galleries.
    • Provides all schools with equitable funding for quality art supplies, equipment and technology that help students produce strong and award-winning works of art.
    • Supplies music, theater and dance equipment, technology, sound systems, uniforms and materials that support award-winning performing arts programs.