Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) Family & Community Relations

    Office of Strategic Partnerships
    Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) Family & Community Relations
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    The Office of Strategic Partnerships is responsible for the district’s family and community relations activities including, but not limited to, volunteer and mentoring programs, corporate /business, community, faith-based, government and higher education partnerships. Our office provides guidance and support to internal and external organizations, individual schools, district-level organizations and postsecondary institutions to better serve the needs of all students in Pinellas County. Our mission is to establish partnerships as we build relationships between families, communities, schools and the district to support 100% student success. We encourage students, parents, families and community members to look for any opportunity to "GET ENGAGED and STAY ENGAGED" with Pinellas County Schools. 


    Seymour Brown, Ed.D. 
    Director, Strategic Partnerships  
    727.588.6000 ext 6405