• Pinellas County Schools is committed to keeping our community informed regarding confirmed COVID-19 cases. To ensure that the information provided is clear, the district developed a new dashboard that displays positive students, positive employees and others impacted by a positive case (impacted individuals have been identified as a close contact and have been directed to quarantine).  

    If a student’s exposure to a person who has tested positive meets the Department of Health’s requirements for mandated precautionary quarantine, parents/guardians will be directly advised; the same notification will be made to employees who meet these requirements.   

    How to read the dashboard: 

    • The dashboard displays information for the most recent ten-day period. All schools and district facilities are listed on the right side of the page and show cumulative totals for this school year (from August 10, 2021 to present). 
    • You can see individual date information by clicking on the date at the bottom of the chart OR entering a date range in the search box above the chart. 
    • You can see individual school/facility information by clicking on the school/facility name in the right-hand column OR by selecting the school/facility from the dropdown located above the chart. 
    • You can see the number of students OR staff OR impacted individuals by choosing a case type in the dropdown located above the chart. 
    • The date and time of the last update is located in the top right corner of the dashboard and will be updated daily. 


  • Dashboard definitions:

    • Positive Employee: Employee who has been confirmed to be positive for COVID-19, in alignment with Department of Health documentation and review standards.
    • Positive Student: Student who has been confirmed to be positive for COVID-19, in alignment with Department of Health documentation and review standards.
    • Impacted Individual: Employee/student required to quarantine due to close contact with a positive case OR individual with a positive household member.


    In an effort to ensure timely reporting, and in response to limited Department of Health staff capacity, Pinellas County Schools is temporarily handling the majority of the confirmation and contact tracing efforts for positive cases of COVID-19 in district schools and facilities. Due to the change in processing and reporting procedures, there may be minor discrepancies in the number of cases listed prior to August 23, 2021.  The district’s COVID Team, led by Registered Nurses, has verified the accuracy of the most current information in the database.


    To view case information prior to August 10, 2021, please visit the positive case archive.


    If you have a question or suggestion regarding the dashboard, please email webmaster@pcsb.org