District Strategic Plan

  • Every organization needs a road map to advance from where it is now to where it wants to be in the future. Pinellas County Schools’ road map is the District Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan, which contains clear goals for the upcoming school year, is the driving force for the district’s actions. It guides all planning, fiscal decision-making and student achievement efforts. The Superintendent submits the District Strategic Plan annually, coinciding with the development, approval and adoption of the district budget. The district’s Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Directions Strategic Goals and Action Goals are key components of the Strategic Plan.

    Vision: 100% Student Success

    Mission: Educate and prepare each student for college, career, and life

    Values: Commitment to Children, Families and Community; Respectful and Caring Relationships; Cultural Competence; Integrity; Responsibility; Connectedness

    Strategic Directions:
    • Student Achievement
    • Learning in a Safe Environment
    • Equity with Excellence for All
    • Career- and College-Readiness
    • Effective and Efficient Use of Resources

    Strategic Goals

    Goal 1
    Increase student achievement resulting in improvements for each school’s learning gains, grade level proficiency rates, graduation rates, and school grade designations of A, B or C.

    Goal 2
    Ensure curriculum, instruction, and assessment are designed and delivered with a focus on content rigor, student engagement, and continuous improvement of academic achievement.

    Goal 3
    Develop and sustain a healthy, respectful, caring, safe learning environment for students, faculty, staff, and community resulting in individual employee learning, student achievement and overall school improvement.

    Goal 4
    Provide equity and excellence of education by increasing overall performance and eliminating the gaps between minority and non-minority student outcomes by reducing the disparity in graduation rates, proficiency scores on assessments, participation and performance in accelerated courses, disciplinary infractions, and placement in Exceptional Student Education programs.

    Goal 5
    Achieve the District’s mission for college and career-readiness for all students by adopting high quality standards, interdisciplinary curriculum content, aligned instructional practices, appropriate student supports, necessary resource allocations, and parent and community engagement.
    Goal 6
    Develop and sustain effective and efficient use of all resources for improved student achievement and fiscal responsibility.

    Goal 7
    Provide quality technology and business services to optimize operations, communications and academic results.

    District Data Snapshot