2019 Facts-at-a-Glance

  • Student Demographics

    54.1% White
    18.9% Black
    17.7% Hispanic
    4.6% Asian
    4.5% Multiracial
    0.2% Native American
    101,427 Total number of students PreK - 12

    District Size

    Pinellas County is the eighth largest district in Florida and 27th out of more than 16,000 districts nationwide.

    Community Involvement

    Our dedicated volunteers and community/business partners are a vital part of our schools, helping students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to succeed.
    The district has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities including mentoring, tutoring and participation in PTA/PTSA and school advisory committees (SAC).
    Business and community partners can be involved by allowing employees to volunteer as mentors, by providing financial contributions or donations of equipment and supplies, or by providing internships and job opportunities for Pinellas County Schools students.
    For more information contact the Office of Strategic Partnerships at 727-588-5050.

    District Choice Programs

    Pinellas County Schools offers more than 75 magnet programs designed to accelerate advancement in students’ interests, talents and abilities. District Application Programs offer rigorous educational pathways to guide students who wish to focus on their area of interest from kindergarten through 12th grade.
    Magnet programs include the performing and visual arts; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); international studies; journalism; gifted studies; gaming simulation and programming; medical professions, veterinary sciences, construction technology; culinary arts; and more.


    Pre-K 2,755
    Elementary Schools 39,459
    Elementary/Middle Schools (K-8) 1,916
    Middle Schools 19,580
    High Schools 28,637
    Exceptional Schools 580
    Charter Schools 6,526
    Other 1,746
    Pinellas Virtual School 228
    Total PK-12 101,427
    Pinellas Technical College 5,060


    Graduation Data

    Please Note: Graduation rates reflect the 2017-2018 school year. Graduation rates for the 2018-2019 school year will be provided by the state Department of Education in December or January 2020. 
    2017-2018 High School Graduation Rate: 86%
    Highest in District History
    2017-2018 Hispanic Graduation Rate: 85%
    2012-2013: 61%
    2017-2018 Black Graduation Rate: 76.2%
    2012-2013: 56.4%
    2017-2018 Exceptional Education Graduation Rate: 72.5%
    2012-2013: 67.1%

    Where Your Dollar Goes

    80¢ Spent directly on students, including teaching, transportation, counseling services and classroom and library materials
    13¢ Toward acquiring, operating and maintaining school facilities
    Used for staff training and curriculum development
    Toward central and fiscal services, general administration and district technology

    2018-2019 Budget Snapshot

    Total Budget - All Sources $1,516,629,210
    General Operating Fund Use $874,600,000
    Direct Instruction $564,784,150
    Instructional Support $73,795,659
    General Support/Other $38,178,704
    Plant Operations and Maintenance $104,542,834
    School Administration $59,619,986
    Student Transportation $33,678,667

    Industry Certifications

    Pinellas County Schools continues to expand its career and technical education opportunities through certification programs beginning as early as elementary school, as well as new programs and partnerships such as the Summer Career Acceleration Program.
    Students earned 13,494 industry certifications during the 2017-18 school year.
    586% Internships increase since 2011-2012
    248% Apprenticeships increase since 2016-2017

    Advanced Placement

    Results on the Rise
    Access to rigorous coursework is an essential element in preparing students for college and careers and allows students to simultaneously earn college credits while pursuing a high school diploma.
    56.7% Increase since 2013 in AP Exams Taken

    50.7% Increase since 2013 in AP Exams with Qualifying Scores
    2017-2018 Economic Impact
    Through College Credits Earned
    12,393 Participating Students Took 20,285 College Level Courses and $12,055,984 in College Tuition*
    *Students Enrolled in AP, IB, Dual Enrollment or Cambridge AICE
    Based on average cost of $594.33 for 3-credit class at public 4-year university in Florida


    (Substitutes Included) Full-time   Part-time
    Administrative  409 0
    Instructional 7,620 100
    Supporting Services 4,999 1,068

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