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    Vision: A strong, equitable, and world-class visual arts education accessible to all students.

    Mission: Provide the highest service and support to all schools and stakeholders.

  • The Pinellas County Schools' elementary, middle, and high school visual arts programs are now state and nationally-recognized as leading the way thanks to the district's commitment to the arts and for having a high concentration of the best K-12 art educators in the field today. Additionally, because of the Pinellas County Referendumamazing community support and valuable partnerships, visual arts programs throughout the district are flourishing like never before!  In just the last eight years, Pinellas students have earned an unprecedented 110 Scholastic Art & Writing National Awards - the most of any district in the nation its size.  Pinellas students had another strong showing in the year's Florida Art Education Association's K-12 Student Art Assessment and Virtual Exhibition with 94 Awards of Excellence and 41 Awards of Excellence with Distinction. Plus, one student earned The Best of Show and another earned the top award in the Middle School Division. This was the third year in a row that a PCS student earned The Best of Show Award.

    In Elementary, all K-5 students are enrolled in visual arts courses and receive 40-50 minutes once a week in a well-supplied art room or designated art-making area.  Students receive world-class art instruction and numerous studio-based experiences based on the Florida Next Generation State Standards in the following media: drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, digital media, sculpture, and ceramics.  All K-5 students have access to a Digital Arts Lab for learning 21st century digital skills, digital citizenship, and producing amazing digital artwork, photography, and even stop-motion animation films.  Perkins Elementary, in St. Petersburg, and Sandy Lane Elementary, in Clearwater, are the district's magnet schools for the Visual and Performing Arts. 

    Middle School offers a spectrum of engaging state-approved visual arts courses as electives for 6-8 grade students.  Students also receive world-class art instruction and many studio-based opportunities based on state standards in the following traditional media: drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, and ceramics.  Additionally, all middle school art programs utilize an up-to-date Digital Arts Lab for students to learn 21st century digital skills, digital citizenship, and produce riveting digital artwork, photography, and stop-motion animation or live-action films.  John Hopkins Middle School, in St. Petersburg, is the district's magnet school for the Fine Arts.  

    High School offers a plethora of exciting state-approved visual arts courses as electives for 9-12 grade students.  HS students receive world-class instruction and many creative studio-based experiences based on state standards too.  Courses are as follows: 2-D Studio Art 1 and 2, 3-D Studio Art 1 & 2, Digital Art & Imaging 1, 2 & 3, Creative Photography 1, 2 & 3, Portfolio Development: 2-D & 3-D Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) 2-D Art & Design, AP 3-D Art & Design, AP Drawing, and AP Art History.  Every high school utilizes a state-of-the-art Digital Arts Lab equipped with graphics tablets, a large format printer, and the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite for art students to learn 21st century digital skills, digital citizenship, and produce quality digital artwork, photography, stop-motion animation, and live-action films.  A number of schools are offering Adobe Certification for enrolled art students in Creative Photo and Digital Art Imaging courses.  High School students need one elective credit of Visual, Performing, or applied arts to graduate.  Pinellas County Center for the Arts (PCCA), located at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, is the high school arts magnet for the district and offers concentrated study in a specific art field while fulfilling all the academic requirements for graduation.  Click here to view a brief video about auditioning for entrance into the award-winning PCCA Visual Arts program.

    The Administration Building Art Exhibition annual reception for the K-12 students and their families is held in September every year.  In this, the world's largest exhibition of actual student art, over 1400 unique 2-D and 3-D pieces are on display throughout the district's three-story central office building in Largo throughout the course of a school year.  These captivating works are created by students from nearly 150 schools in the district and are returned in May of each year.

    Visit the Pinellas Art Education Association (PAEA) website to learn more about the art teachers' local not-for-profit professional organization.  This dedicated group also provides student scholarships and awards for selected students with exemplary artwork displayed in district exhibitions.

    Follow the PCS Visual Arts Department on Twitter @pcsvisualarts , Instagram @pcsvisualart , and YouTube