Visual Arts - Field Trips


    Pinellas County Schools Visual Arts Field Trip Information

    Field trips to see great works of art engages and expands the mind and allows students, teachers, and parents to learn about our shared cultures. The PCS Visual Arts Department encourages teachers to take their classes to visit the wonderful array of art museums we have in the Tampa Bay area.

    Referendum funds dedicated to the Visual Arts are available to cover the cost of buses (private or school) and admission fees for any PCS teacher planning a Visual Arts Museum field trip.

    Planning Your Field Trip:

    1.   Five weeks in advance - Make field trip reservation with art museum and obtain admission rates (see Visual Art Museum links below) 

    2.   Determine type of transportation (commercial carrier or PCS school bus)

    • Commercial Carrier: Contact approved commercial carriers and obtain quotes for date and times needed.

    •   PCS school bus: Pick up and return times must be between 10:15 am and 1:00 pm. No exceptions     

    3.   Four weeks in advance - complete the Visual Arts Field Trip Funding Request Form 2-2102 (click here)After principal approval, scan the form and email it to: Francine Gianotti <> or pony to the Visual Arts Office, Admin Building.

    4.   Confirmations

    • The PCS Visual Arts Dept will email a funding approval confirmation to the teacher and their school's Bookkeeper with cost strip information to use for the admissions and buses.

    5.  School's Responsibility
    • Bus Carrier Services
    • Request for Quote

    •  School is also responsible for confirming museum reservation and arranging admissions payment via P-Card or PCS purchase order (using cost strip provided in confirmation).

    6. Cancellations

    • Notify the Museum, transportation, and the Visual Arts Office of any cancellations ASAP.

    Questions? Email or call:  Francine Giannotti <>
    Art Office Phone: 727-588-6057