K-12 Visual Arts Courses

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    It is now widely known that the Arts are a vital part of every whole child's world-class education (10 Lessons the Arts Teach) and the latest research is showing the positive impact the arts have on student achievement in other academic areas, GPA, graduation rates, drop out rates, and the SAT (Visual Arts & Academics).  In fact, "there is a strong correlation between regular involvement in visual arts and academic performance that extends through all socioeconomic classifications and students with disabilities" (Comparison of Cohort Data, Dr. Steven Kelly, Florida State University). 

    Pinellas County Schools students receive quality instruction and studio-based experiences from certified K-12 visual arts teachers based on the district's Visual Arts Curriculum, which is aligned to the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, digital arts, photography, and other mediaThe "Big Ideas" are as follows: 1. Critical Thinking and Reflection, 2. Skills, Techniques and Processes, 3. Organizational Structure, 4. Historical and Global Connections, and Innovation, 5. Technology and the Future.

    Below are approved K-12 Visual Arts courses taught currently in Pinellas County Schools (click link to download PDF):

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