Special Projects

  • The Special Projects office assists in acquiring and managing federal, state, community/organization, and foundation grant funds.

    Staff members have expertise in grant management, grant writing, and fiscal management.

    The primary responsibility of the Special Projects office is to ensure that the resources acquired are committed to the district strategic directions by:

    • Researching, acquiring, and administering external funding
    • Providing leadership to federal and state grant-funded projects
    • Providing technical assistance with planning and reviewing proposals
    • Assisting in external amendment creation and submission 
    • Maintaining fiscal integrity and accountability for project funds
    • Implementing grant management strategies and software 
    • Managing community, school, private, and charter grants           
    • Journalizing expenditures and assisting in the liquidation process 
    • Training in grant management 
    • Securing required approvals/signatures for federal and grant application submissions
    • Maintaining district files on federal and state approved grant applications