Advanced Studies and Academic Excellence

    Graduation The Advanced Studies and Academic Excellence department mission is to provide all students with access to rigorous courses that lead to post-secondary success.

    Students who challenge themselves by taking the most rigorous courses offered in middle and high school are:
    • More competitive in university admissions and scholarship opportunities.
    • Eligible for a wider variety of scholarship opportunities.
    • More likely to successfully earn a post-secondary degree. 
    The rigorous coursework options available to all students include:
    • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
    • Middle School Advanced classes
    • High School Honors classes
    • Advanced Placement (AP) classes
    • *Dual Enrollment programs (Part Time Dual Enrollment, Early College Program, and Early Admissions)
    • *Advanced Diploma Programs (International Baccalaureate and Cambridge Programs)
    • *Executive Internship Program (EIP)
    *this type of course and/or program has eligibility criteria


    We invite you to read the information in this site and contact us at (727) 588-6466 with questions about any of our advanced academic programs.

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    Advanced courses in middle school are offered to all students who have the desire to take a more rigorous course load. Contact your school guidance counselor for more information.
         TIP Parent Session PowerPoint (March 10, 2018)

    Honors courses are advanced high school courses that include a greater range and depth of subject matter, with an emphasis on higher level critical thinking skills. Honors courses are primarily offered in high school, but some honors courses are offered for acceleration in middle school. Honors courses in middle school carry high school credit (i.e., Algebra I Honors). Honors courses carry a quality point, meaning that when calculating GPA an honors course gives the student a higher GPA value than a regular course.

    ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) College Board AP Program
    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous college level courses offered at high school through the College Board’s Advanced Placement program. All Pinellas County high schools offer a range of AP courses. Every student in Pinellas County Schools that takes an AP course will also take the national AP Exam at no charge.

    Colleges and universities often award college credit for advanced course placement for AP exam scores of 3, 4, or 5 in a scale of 1 through 5. Each college has varying standards for scores as well as what type of credit they will award for a course, and in order to know those options visit the specific website for the University of your choosing.

    The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is an international, preuniversity, highly comprehensive two-year IB diploma curriculum. Completion merits a standard high school diploma and an IB diploma. Courses focus on core subjects, and college credits can be earned by successfully completing IB exams. In Pinellas County, there are academic admission requirements and students must apply through the magnet application process.

    The University of Cambridge
    The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) program, developed by Cambridge University, provides a high-quality academic curriculum which prepares students for post-secondary education while offering students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their individual interests, skills and future goals. The AICE program offers courses and examinations during grades 11 and 12 leading to an international Diploma. In Pinellas County, there are academic admission requirements and students must apply through the magnet application process.

    AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

    The mission of AVID is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. AVID is a college readiness system that takes students with the potential and determination to go to college and supports their academic success in the rigorous courses required to get into those four year universities. In the AVID elective course, students are taught the skill sets (purposeful note-taking, organization, public speaking, responsibility, etc.) necessary to be successful in those rigorous courses. Many of these students will be the first in their families to attend college, come from low-income or minority families, or have unique personal circumstances that require a greater academic support system within the school day. AVID creates an atmosphere of positive peer pressure for the students, so that they are pushing each other to strive for success.

    Become an AVID Tutor - Are you a current college student interested in becoming a tutor for middle and/or high school students? If so, please contact us for more information. You don't have to choose a specific subject area, because this tutoring style is a coaching one. You will be taught how to ask good questions to help the students find their own answers.


         Dorre Bartley, AVID Program Secretary
         (727) 588-6595

    (Part-time, Executive Internship, Early College, Early Admissions)
    Students who successfully complete dual enrollment courses will earn college credits with absolutely no expenses for the student.  Books are provided on a scheduled day each semester and tuition is paid by Pinellas County Schools.
    Contact your high school guidance counselor to see if you are eligible for any of the dual enrollment options.