AVID College Tutor Duties and Responsibilities

    • College Student Enrolled in at least 9 Credit Hours
    • Have a Cumulative 2.75 GPA or Higher
    • Ability to Work During the School Day
      • Typical Middle School Hours are 9:05 am - 4:30 pm
      • Typical High School Hours are 7:05 am - 2:00 pm
    • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills
    • Desire to Work and Mentor Students
    • Must Attend all Mandatory Trainings And Meetings
    • Required use of the AVID Tutorial Methodologies
    • Must Provide Your Own Transportation
    • Approved Pinellas County Fingerprinting and Background Check ($49.75)


    If you are interested in becoming an AVID Tutor, please complete this FORM and contact the representative from your nearby middle school or high school (see middle school or high school page for contact info).

AVID Tutorials

  • We appreciate your interest with working with our AVID students and becoming an AVID college tutor.  AVID is a system built around supporting those students in the academic middle who aspire to go to college and are willing to put forth the effort to get there.  The students are supported in the AVID elective class through curriculum based around writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading.  Students learn success skills such as time-management, self-advocacy, note-taking, and study skills in order to achieve success in their collegiate goals.

    The AVID Tutorial is one of the support systems in place for AVID students.  An AVID Tutorial is an inquiry-based tutoring session where the college tutor acts as a facilitator for a group of 5 - 7 students.  The students bring in a question they have about the content in their core academic classes.  During the tutorial the students identify and then work through their point of confusion while the group guides them throiugh inquiry-based questions about the concept.  At no time is there an answer given.  The goal of an AVID tutorial is to gain comprehension of the process needed to answer the question rather than just finding the answer.  The college tutor is there to keep the group on task and moving towards the right direction.

    This position requires a person with clear verbal communication skills, the ability to assist students with taking notes, and a strong character in order to serve as a role model for students.  The position does not require the college tutor to be an expert in the subject area of the tutorial. 

    Each of the middle and high schools in Pinellas County hold tutorials twice a week during the school day.  These tutorials are typically on a Tuesday and Thursday schedule, though there are a few schools with unique schedules.  Once a college tutor is hired the AVID office will work with each tutor to create a schedule that will stay the same each week for the assigned semester.  The schedules are reviewed and updated each semester.

    The application process includes a site-based contract, submitting proof of current college enrollment, and fingerprinting/background check conducted through Pinellas County Schools.  This background check is at your own cost.  All college tutors will go through a 3-hour training and earn $14 per hour of AVID tutoring.