Gifted Services

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  • Gifted Services-Pinellas County


    Elementary Gifted Services:


    We offer on-site,  part-time gifted services to all eligible students at  every single one of our 78 elementary schools! Students are pulled out for 3-5 hours per week to work with a gifted endorsed teacher and gifted peers. Curriculum focuses on critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, social-emotional growth, and high-level content as a vehicle to work on the Florida gifted goals. Gifted teachers also work with classroom teachers to ensure that their gifted students are being challenged in their general education classroom. 



    We currently offer full-time gifted services at 3 elementary sites, strategicaly located in south county at Midtown Academy, mid county at Ridgecrest Elementary and north county at Elisa Nelson Elementary. Our elementary Center for Gifted Studies (CGS) admits students in grades one through five who meet state gifted eligibility criteria and who are selected in the magnet lottery.  At Ridgcrest, the magnet is a program within a neighboorhood school and at Midtown and Palm Harbor, there are two magnet programs in a 100% school of choice. In the CGS, classroom  instruction is provided by gifted endorsed teachers and students receive academic instruction with gifted peers all day long, every day of the week as well as work on the Florida gifted goals.



    Middle School Gifted Services:


    We offer part-time gifted services at all 28 of our middle schools. Every school offers students a gifted elective called Advanced Academics. The Advanced Academics course is taught by a gifted endorsed teacher and is a self-contained (gifted students only) classroom. Curriculum offers students a chance to learn about psychology, cultural anthropology, literature, and other advanced topics all while working on the Florida Gifted Goals. There is also an emphasis on critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and social-emotional issues. 


    We offer full-time gifted services at 3 Middle Schools-Dunedin, Morgan Fitzgerald and Thurgood Marshall. All 3 operate as a school within a school. In all three CGS, gifted students are in self-contained classes for all of the core classes:  language arts, math, science, social studies, and a specially designed magnet elective.  All of the students in these classes have met gifted eligibility.  Instruction is provided by gifted endorsed teachers.  This educational setting is designed to be challenging and rigorous with curriculum delivered through instructional strategies that promote creative, critical and complex thinking. 


    High School Services

    Gifted Elective & Consultation

    Our high school gifted students complex cognitive needs are met through the variety of IB, AP, Cambridge, ACE, Dual Studies, and Avid courses.  Students who choose to continue gifted services in high school will now have the opportunity to take an online, quality-point, independent study gifted elective course which will also incorporate monthly in-person consultative services.

    "In Pinellas County, we believe in offering a variety of gifted services so that we can best meet the needs of all of our gifted learners. "