Dual Enrollment

  • Pinellas County Schools is proud to offer dual enrollment options at multiple colleges to allow students to reduce the expense of obtaining a degree while they simultaneously earn credit toward their high school diploma and a college degree.  Qualified students take classes at no expense (tuition and books are paid by Pinellas County Schools).  To learn more about the dual enrollment options with the University of Florida, St. Petersburg College, and Pinellas Technical College, please schedule a meeting with your school counselor.


    Dual Enrollment Program at St. Petersburg College

    St. Petersburg College offers college classes to qualified high school students in Pinellas County at no cost to the student. These courses allow students to earn credits toward a high school diploma and a college degree.  
    Dual enrollment course grades are recorded to the student's high school transcript and also his/her permanent college transcript. Therefore, students must give their best performance in dual enrollment coursework because the resulting grades can greatly impact post-secondary education opportunities, scholarship opportunities and financial aid eligibility.

    Approved Course List:  Courses on this list are available on SPC campuses and some local high school campuses. Dual enrollment courses that are offered by a credentialed instructor at a student’s high school must be taken on the high school campus.

    Students who wish to take dual enrollment classes at SPC must provide their SPC ID number to their high school counselor and complete placement testing (PERT, SAT, or ACT) prior to obtaining permission to take these courses.

    • To be eligible to take dual enrollment courses, a student must have a minimum of seven high school credits in the four core academic areas (math, science, language arts and social studies) .
    • To be eligible to take an academic dual enrollment course a student must have a minimum unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.0.  
    • To be eligible to take a career dual enrollment course, a student must have a minimum unweighted cumulative GPA of 2.0.

    Contact your high school guidance counselor to see if you are eligible to take Dual Enrollment classes at SPC.

    DUAL ENROLLMENT - Part-time Option
    St. Petersburg College offers college classes to qualified Pinellas County Schools high school students. These courses give students credits toward a high school diploma and a college degree. Courses are available on SPC campuses with limited options also available at each local high school campus. 
    • Courses offered at the high school campus must be taken at the high school campus.
    • Permission forms must be completed on time and students must contact the SPC Dual Enrollment office to register by the deadline.


    Permission Form Deadline

    Registration Deadline


    Last day of school

    July 15


    Friday before Thanksgiving

    December 1


    Last Friday in April

    Last Friday in April

    • Books must be picked up and returned in one of the three designated locations during the scheduled dates/times. Students are provided with a flyer for the scheduled book pick-up times when they complete a DE permission form. Books are always returned during the college’s exam week.  In the event that there is no one available in the classroom to return books, the student should report to the Dual Enrollment office to turn in their books.  Please note:  Students who do not obtain their books during the designated time are responsible for the expense of their books.

    Book Pick-up/Return Locations

    SPC Clearwater Campus – Room SS 137

    SPC Seminole Campus – Room PB 706

    SPC Tarpon Campus – Room PS 129


    The Executive Internship Program enables high school students to gain experience and expertise in particular professions. Selected students spend 10-15 hours per week with their sponsors and undertake activities that provide comprehensive views of organizations that focus on the sponsors' professional roles, responsibilities, and functions. Students become knowledgeable about the organization's long range company priorities and how decisions are made about those priorities. Students learn to seek insight into the qualities, skills and knowledge that help professionals perform effectively.

    This full-time program allows students to spend their high school junior and senior years attending all classes at SPC campuses. Here, they work toward simultaneously earning a high school diploma from their assigned school and an Associate in Arts degree from SPC. Students attend all classes at St. Petersburg College campuses and follow the SPC academic calendar. Admission is limited to 125 students each at the Clearwater, Seminole, and Tarpon Springs campuses.  Students should complete Geometry, World History and H.O.P.E. prior to entering Early College because these are high school requirements that cannot be met through a dual enrollment course.
    This full-time program offers students the chance to spend their senior year attending all of their classes at SPC campuses, where they can complete high school graduation requirements while earning credits toward a college degree. Admission is limited to 40 seats each at the Clearwater, Seminole, St. Petersburg/Gibbs, and Tarpon Springs campuses.  In order to apply, students must:
    (1) have been enrolled in and attended a PCS high school for the full semester prior to the start of Early Admission.
    (2) have completed three years of high school with a minimum of 18 credits earned.
    (3) meet the qualifying high school GPA and College Placement Test score requirements.
    (4) have earned credit in H.O.P.E., World History, and Geometry.
    (5) have met their graduation related assessment requirements (Algebra 1 EOC & FSA ELA proficiency).

    Dual Enrollment Program at Pinellas Technical College

    High school students attending Pinellas Technical College (PTC) have the opportunity to be dual enrolled in post-secondary courses, tuition free! These courses give students credits toward a high school diploma and a career technical certificate. Hours completed at PTC may also transfer as credit hours to local and state colleges. Courses are available on both the Clearwater and St. Petersburg PTC campuses.
    Contact your high school guidance counselor to see if you are eligible to take Dual Enrollment classes at Pinellas Techincal College.  
    Visit the Pinellas Technical College (PTC) Dual Enrollment website.