AP Courses and Summer Assignments

  • Pinellas County high schools are proud to offer a wide variety of Advanced Placement courses in our high schools. Students with a strong work ethic and a desire to engage in challenging courses are encouraged to request the AP courses that best meet their talents and interests.  The AP Capstone courses (AP Seminar and AP Research) are unique opportunities for students to select the content through which they learn college level research, collaboration and presentation skills.  See below for additional information regarding the AP Capstone courses.  For information regarding the college credit that can be earned for AP courses within the Florida State University System (SUS) use the Credit-by-Exam Equivalency table.

    AP PCS Common Summer Assignments will be posted on this site in May and are designed to provide students with skills practice/development or a jumpstart on content.  Common summer assignments allow Pinellas County Schools to provide centralized help sessions for students as they gear up to start the school year and also to minimize confusion caused for students who transfer from one school to another.  Teachers will communicate with students at their school regarding what must be completed, along with the due date and to what extent the assignment will count in the grade for the course. 

    (Please note:  AP English Language & AP English Literature teachers may also add a reading assignment. While teams of teachers continue to develop the assignments for other AP courses, teachers may provide their own assignment to students and also provide the opportunity for the students to receive support with questions and areas of confusion for their individual assignments prior to their due date.)

    AP Capstone Program:

    The College Board’s AP Capstone is an innovative program that allows students to engage in rigorous development of skills critical for success in college, and includes a two-course sequence: AP Seminar and AP Research. It is designed to be taken in sequence during the 10th & 11th or 11th & 12th grade years.  The target group of students are those who have the potential to earn a qualifying score (3 or better) on the AP exam in at least four other AP courses.  

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    AP Seminar is available to students entering 10th or 11th grade.  This course equips students with the power to explore academic and real-world issues through an interdisciplinary lens and consider multiple points of view. Through a variety of materials ─ from articles and research studies to foundational and philosophical texts ─ students will be challenged to explore "complex questions, understand and evaluate opposing viewpoints, interpret and synthesize information, and develop, communicate, and defend their own points of view." Teachers have the flexibility of choosing themes based on student interests, whether they are local and/or civic issues or international topics. Samples of themes that can be covered in the AP Seminar course include education, innovation, sustainability, and technology. Students are scored on a series of three assessments that combine to determine the exam score:  a team project, followed by an individual project during the year and finally an end-of-course written exam taken during the traditional AP exam time in early May.
    AP Research is available to students who successfully complete the AP Seminar course.  AP Research allows students to design, plan, and conduct a yearlong mentored investigation on a topic of their choosing. Students will build on the skills learned in the AP Seminar course by using research methodology, employing ethical research practices, and accessing, analyzing, and synthesizing information to present and defend an argument, which combine to serve as the AP exam score.
    For more information about the AP Capstone Program, please contact Hannah Graziano, High School Advanced Studies Specialist.