AVID Secondary

  • AVID Secondary is comprised of the AVID elective class and school wide initiatives.  The students in the AVID elective are students in the middle who have a desire to go to college and are willing to work hard.  These students take rigorous courses that are preparing them for college and the AVID elective is an academic support to allow them to be successful.  The school wide component creates a college and career going culture in the school for all students that encompasses high expectations and success for all.

AVID District Directors, 6-8

Name Title Email Address Contact Number
Karen Bulino Serving Azalea, Carwise, Clearwater Fund., Dunedin Highland, Fitzgerald, John Hopkins, Madeira Beach, Meadowlawn, Osceola, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Seminole, Thurgood Marshall, & Tyrone MS bulinok@pcsb.org (727) 588-6595
Kim Dennison Serving Largo MS, Safety Harbor MS & Sanderlin IBWS dennisonk@pcsb.org (727) 588-6595
Lauren Drizd Serving Bay Point & Tarpon Springs MS drizdl@pcsb.org (727) 588-6595
Hannah Graziano Serving East Lake & Oak Grove MS grazianoh@pcsb.org (727) 588-6595

Middle School AVID Contact

School Website AVID Coordinator AVID Tutor Contact Contact Email
Azalea MS https://www.pcsb.org/domain/1708 Howard Lord Howard Lord LORDH@pcsb.org
Bay Point MS https://www.pcsb.org/baypoint-ms Destiny Waiters Destiny Waiters WAITERSD@pcsb.org
Carwise MS http://www.carwise-ms.pinellas.k12.fl.us Brandi Alahouzos Brandi Alahouzos ALAHOUZOSB@pcsb.org
Clearwater Fundamental MS http://pcsb.org/clearwaterfund-ms Debra Cascone Debra Cascone CASCONED@pcsb.org
Dunedin Highland MS https://www.pcsb.org/Page/8090 Amanda Cummings Amanda Cummings CUMMINGSAM@pcsb.org
East Lake MS Academy of Engineering https://www.pcsb.org/eastlake-ms Kristin Padinske Kristin Padinske PADINSKEK@pcsb.org
John Hopkins MS https://www.pcsb.org/hopkins-ms Tatyana Arnold Tatyana Arnold ARNOLDTA@pcsb.org
Largo MS https://www.pcsb.org/domain/1396 Stefany Kemp Stefany Kemp KEMPST@pcsb.org
Madeira Beach Fundamental MS http://www.mb-ms.pinellas.k12.fl.us Kate Waldron Kate Waldron MCCLUREK@pcsb.org
Meadowlawn MS https://www.pcsb.org/meadowlawn-ms Robin Silvia-Pabalan Robin Silvia-Pabalan SILVIA-PABALANR@pcsb.org
Morgan Fitzgerald MS https://www.pcsb.org/fitzgerald-ms Christina Chan Christina Chan CHANC@pcsb.org
Oak Grove MS https://www.pcsb.org/oakgrove-ms Judith McIntosh Judith McIntosh MCINTOSHJU@pcsb.org
Osceola MS http://www.osceola-ms.pinellas.k12.fl.us/index.php/clubs/avid Alison Blanco Alison Blance BLANCOALI@pcsb.org
Palm Harbor MS https://www.pcsb.org/domain/1062 Joanne Wright Joanne Wright WRIGHTJOA@pcsb.org
Pinellas Park MS https://www.pcsb.org/pp-ms
Safety Harbor MS https://www.pcsb.org/safetyharbor-ms Jordan Ekern Jordan Ekern EKERNJ@pcsb.org
Sanderlin IB World School https://www.pcsb.org/sanderlinib Katie McDaniel Katie McDaniel MCDANIELKA@pcsb.org
Seminole MS https://www.pcsb.org/seminole-ms Jennifer Hughes Jennifer Hughes HUGHESJENNIFE@pcsb.org
Tarpon Springs MS https://www.pcsb.org/tarpon-ms Brandi Slezak Brandi Slezak SLEZAKB@pcsb.org
Thurgood Marshall Fundamental MS http://tmfmsavid.webs.com Stephanie Pawlowicz Stephanie Pawlowicz PAWLOWICZS@pcsb.org
Tyrone MS http://pcsb.org/domain/4692 Jessica Butler Jessica Butler BUTLERJES@pcsb.org