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    Our Mission:
    "AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society."

    AVID Students

    What is AVID?

    AVID is an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

    AVID is an in-school academic college prep support program for grades 4-12 that prepares students for college eligibility and success.

    AVID teaching methodologies are used in both the "AVID Elective" and in content-area classrooms school-wide.

    AVID is for ALL STUDENTS; the "AVID Elective" targets those in the academic middle.

    AVID places all its students in advanced classes, or the most challenging classes for the student, where possible.

    AVID is at work in nearly 4,500 schools in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and 16 countries/territories.

    AVID has been adopted by 23 Pinellas County middle and high schools, including Azalea Middle School.

    AVID is NOT a remedial program, a free ride, a niche program, or a college outreach program.

    AVID Students
    The "AVID Elective"
    The core component is the AVID Elective, which supports students as they tackle the most rigorous classes. For one period a day, AVID students learn:

    • organizational and study skills,
    • work on critical thinking and asking probing questions,
    • get academic help from peers and college tutors, and
    • participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make college seem attainable. 

    Furthermore, AVID students become academically successful leaders and role models for other students.

    The AVID Curriculum
    Developed and refined by middle and high school teachers for three decades, the AVID instructional program focuses on methodologies that will help students prepare for - and participate in - a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. These methodologies are referred to as WICOR:

    W - Writing. Students clarify and communicate their thoughts and understanding of material.

    I - Inquiry. Students ask questions which allow them to clarify, analyze, and synthesize material.

    C - Collaboration. Students challenge, help, and learn from one another.

    O - Organization. Students learn how to organize, retrieve and maintain their materials and data.

    R - Reading. Students analyze, question, critique, clarify, and comprehend material.

    Middle School Student
    The AVID Student
    AVID is designed for students who do average or above average in class work and on standardized tests. Students who have a desire to go to college, and are willing to work hard. Typically, they are the first in their families to attend college. AVID puts its students on a college track. These are students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential. Typically, they will be the first in their families to attend college. AVID pulls these students out of their unchallenging courses and puts them on the college track: acceleration instead of remediation.

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