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  • Gifted Referral Process for New Private and/or Homeschooled Students

    • The gifted liaison will review your child’s information. If your child has current standardized testing results or an intellectual evaluation, please send this information to the gifted office along with your Parent Request for Gifted Services Form. (in Spanish)
    • Students who have not had any prior intellectual evaluation will need to be screened. The gifted liaison will contact you to schedule a screening.
    • Students who meet screening criteria will be referred for an intellectual evaluation by a school psychologist. During the school year, a school psychologist will contact work with your child's school to schedule the evaluation. During the summer, a school psychologists will contact you to schedule and evaluation.
    • You will be asked to complete several documents including a Characteristics of Gifted Checklist and a Parent Questionnaire.
    • Once the evaluation is completed, the gifted liaison will prepare your child’s file for review by a district team who will meet to determine eligibility based on state criteria. You will be notified of the eligibility determination by letter.
    • If your child meets eligibility criteria, you will be invited to a meeting to sign consent for placement and develop an Educational Plan (EP).
    • The last step is to assign your child to a school where he/she can participate in gifted classes.


    Co-enrollment Process for Gifted Program Services

    Co-enrollment for gifted services is an option if your child attends a private school or is home educated. Interested parties should contact:

    Jessica Soto – Gifted Education Liaison for Private / Home Education students.

    Phone: 727-538-7167 ext. 2160 Email: SotoJ@pcsb.org


    Private/Homeschool Gifted Q & A

    Private/Homeschool Gifted Q & A - Spanish

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