Home Education & Private School Students

  • Gifted Nomination Process for New Private and/or Homeschooled Students

    • The gifted liaison will review your child’s information. If your child has a current intellectual evaluation, please send this information to the gifted office along with your Gifted Nomination Form (in Spanish).
    • Students who have not had any prior intellectual evaluation will need to be screened. The gifted liaison will contact you to schedule a screening.
    • Students who meet screening criteria will be referred for an intellectual evaluation by a school psychologist. During the school year, a school psychologist will work with your child's school to schedule the evaluation. During the summer, a school psychologist will contact you to schedule an evaluation.
    • You will be asked to complete several documents including a Gifted Characteristics and Needs Checklist and a Parent Questionnaire.
    • Once the evaluation is completed, the gifted liaison will prepare your child’s file for review by a district team, who will meet to determine eligibility based on state criteria. You will be notified of the eligibility determination by letter.


    Co-enrollment Process for Gifted Program Services for Private School Students

    Co-enrollment for gifted services is an option if your child attends a private school.

    Interested parties should complete this form and contact:

    Melissa Arof – Gifted Education Liaison for Private / Home Education students.

    Phone: 727-588-6000 ext. 2143      Email: ArofM@pcsb.org 


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