Preparing for the SAT

  • Did you know that Pinellas County Schools provides every junior with the opportunity to take the SAT on a school day?  The SAT School Day is administered to all juniors in March each year, when students take the SAT on a school day, funded by Pinellas County Schools.  In addition to taking the SAT on a school day during the spring of their junior year, students are also provided the opportunity to opt-in for an additional SAT in the fall of their senior year. See below for testing dates. 
    • CLASS OF 2021 STUDENTS MAY OPT-IN TO TAKE THE SAT AT NO COST ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 2020 - EARLY ENOUGH TO SUBMIT THE RESULTS DURING THE COLLEGE APPLICATION PROCESS.  USE THIS LINK TO REGISTER TODAY! A student must login to Office 365 to complete the registration form which will ask them to provide your first and last name, school and PCS username (also called your R2.D2).


    Khannect with your future!
    Prepare for the SAT now using - Khan Academy's personalized SAT practice modules and full length practice tests. Khan Academy developed their SAT Practice site in partnership with the College Board to level the playing field. To learn more about the advantages of taking the PSAT in preparation for SAT and using to improve your SAT scores, please watch this brief video.
    For free, personalized practice for the new SAT, log onto Khan Academy at


    SAT Info and Resources

    SAT is a globally recognized college admission test. Learn what it tests and how you can best prepare.
SAT Pratice Video
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