Gifted Identification Process

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Gifted Identification Process

  •  Gifted Identification Process - Pinellas County Schools


    Gifted Screening

    K-BIT or NNAT administered by school personnel at school

    Results sent home from school


    Results at or above 90%, Further Testing Recommended, Packet will come home from school. Including an "Informed Consent" which will allow PCS to perform an IQ Test. 


    Results LESS than 90%, NO Further Testing Recommended




    IQ Evaluation

    By Licensed Psychologist 

    Administered through PCS at school



    PCS IQ Evaluation

    By Licensed PCS Psychologist 


    During school year, psychologist will come to child's school and perform the IQ Test there.

    During summer, psychologist will contact parent to set up a time to perform the IQ test. 

    2 copies of the results will be sent to school, one for the eligibility folder and one to be mailed to the parent. 

    Questions regarding testing or schedule, contact psychology dept at 588-6047

    If extenuating circumstances existed during IQ testing and parent feels that IQ test may need to be repeated, contact school. A meeting will be set with school staff, psychologist and parent to discuss any extenuating circumstances that warrant a repeat test. Otherwise,  PCS will not repeat 

    IQ testing for 3 years. 



    Eligibility Folder Created

    By school staff (counselor, gifted teacher, compliance diagnostician) 

    All required documentation for gifted eligibility is gathered. After folder is complete, it is sent to CED (Compliance Diagnostician) to review and then sent to the district eligibility team for review.



    Gifted Eligibility Meeting

    District Meeting with gifted staff, psychologist, compliance diagnostician

    At eligibility meeting, team reviews the eligibility folder and evaluates the contents based on FL RULE 6A: 6:03019 which details the state of Florida criteria for gifted identification.

    Student must meet state criteria to be found eligible for gifted services. 

    Meetings are held weekly and folders are evaluated in the order they are received.  Results of meeting are mailed to parent and school.  Found Eligible for Gifted

    Letter will be mailed home, Gifted teacher will contact parent to set up an initial EP (Educational Plan) meeting. At this meeting parent will sign a consent form for child to begin services. Parent will also work with gifted teacher to create unique goals for child's EP plan. After the consent is signed and EP created, student may begin gifted services. 

    Found Ineligible  for gifted, Letter will be mailed home. Although not eligible for gifted under Florida's Rule, they are still highly capable and may benefit from more challenging work. Suggestion: Meet with child's classroom teacher to discuss enrichment and differentiation options for child. 



    NOTE: PRIVATE IQ Evaluation Private IQ tests can be performed at any time, at parent’s expense. Please see details below. 

    By Licensed Private Psychologist 


    Parent contacts private psychologist to perform 

    IQ Test. PCS does not have a list or make recommendations for private psychologists. 

    After private testing is done, results will be mailed to parent. Parent will need to send a copy to the gifted teacher at your child's school. Parent will also need to fill out additional paperwork for the eligibility folder. 

    Parents should make sure they notify psychologist if their child has had any previous IQ testing, as test results will be found invalid if same test is used. 

    Evaluations prior to KG should be administered with one year of the student starting KG to be considered.


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