Elevate A.R.T.S.

                                                  Summer Institute 2017 hats
    Summer Institute 2017
    Elevate A.R.T.S. teachers completed the 3rd Summer Institute at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL.  The 3-day institute culminated with teachers creating personalized hats to tell their story about the many hats they wear.  This photograph of the teachers wearing their hats shows them gathered around the quilt they made during the first Summer Institute with each teacher-made square telling their personal stories.

    A Professional Development grant supporting ARTS teachers

    in high poverty schools.
    Grant goals:
    • Provide Arts teachers with high quality Professional Development
    • Increase student achievement in the arts
    • Develop digital tools for use in arts instruction
    • Increase Math and Science achievement through collaboration
    • Retain high quality arts teachers
    • Increase student engagement in the arts

    How does this help schools?

    • Teaching Partners come to school to work with arts teacher on a regular basis
    • Arts teacher are provided sustained professional development that is collaborative and innovative
    • Arts teachers are compensated for all professional development trainings

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