Equity Division

  • Pinellas County Schools (PCS) supports student achievement of all students through several key district initiatives.  


    District Strategic Plan: See goal 4 on Equity with Excellence for All and the accompanying strategic goals to close achievement gaps.  The School Board reviews and adopts a new Strategic Plan each summer with input from the public, district stakeholders, and district staff.


    Bridging the Gap: The School Board adopted the BTG plan in 2017 with an ambitious goal of eliminating or greatly narrowing the achievement gap within 10 years between black and non-black learners.  The BTG plan focuses on six goal areas (below).  Each has specific strategies and measures to close gaps that can be found in the plan.  The School Board receives a public, annual update to the plan each year and the district quarterly reviews the progress of the plan with the Concerned Organization for Quality Education for Black Students that is open to the public.

    1. Graduation Rates
    2. Student Achievement
    3. Access to Advanced Coursework
    4. Discipline Disparity
    5. Special Education Identification
    6. Minority Hiring


    The Equity and Excellence team’s vision is to bridge the gap between theory and practice for educators as they strive to create more equitable outcomes for scholars through creating an inclusive classroom culture, using culturally relevant pedagogy, and adopting equity as a habit of mind to ensure 100% student success.

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    PCS Staff
    For staff training and professional development offerings, please visit www.pcsb.org/TeachEquity