AVID Secondary Objectives

    • Provide academic instruction and other support to students while preparing them for acceptance and entry into four-year colleges & universities
    • Prepare students to enroll in the most rigorous courses
    • Motivate students to attend the college of their choice
    • Develop students' college level skills, including organizational and critical thinking skills
    • Increase students' ability to balance the time and stress of advanced work
    • Increase participants' levels of college and career awareness

AVID Students Will (Grades 6-12)

    • Become proficient in taking notes in all classes, organziation, time management, study skills, writing, questioning, working with others, reading and public speaking through collaborative and interactive class environment
    • Be supported by weekly group tutorials including college students, adults, and peers
    • Participate in guest speaker forums, volunteer activities and field trips to colleges, universitites and businesses
    • Access advanced content course
    • Maintain grades of C or better
    • Enroll in advanced and accelerated courses as outlined below


    Minimum Course Requirements


    at least one advanced course

    (advanced math preferred to support completion of Algebra 1 in middle school)


    at least two advanced courses


    at least one high school honors core course (preferably Algebra 1) plus one advanced course


    at least one honors course each semester


    at least two honors courses each semester


    at least one college level course (AP, AICE, dual enrollment) plus one honors course or another college level course each semester


    at least two college level courses (AP, AICE, dual enrollment) each semester

    Students who begin AVID as a 7th grader may begin with one advanced course. 

    Students who begin AVID as an 8th grader may begin with one high school honors core course. 

    Students who begin AVID as a 10th grader may begin with one core honors course.

Who is Eligible for AVID Secondary?

  • AVID students meet at least ONE of the following critiera AND they are selected through an application process that identifies the academic middle within their school.

    • Average to high test scores
    • 2.5 - 3.5 grade point average
    • College potential
    • Desire and determination
    • Appropriate classroom behavior
    • Good attendance record
    • Strong work habits
    • A willingness to commit themselves to studying
    • The desire to attend college

AVID Student Expectations

    • Maintain good grades
    • Enroll in advanced, honors & Advanced Placement classes
    • Keep an organized three-ring binder and take notes in all classes
    • Complete work for all classes
    • Maintain strong attendance and good behavior
    • Maintain "individual determination" to succeed
    • Participate in weekly tutorials
    • By the time an AVID student leaves Middle School they will have completed Algebra 1 and have taken multiple higher level courses.
    • By the time an AVID student graduates High School they will have completed a minimum of 3 AP/Dual Enrollment courses.