Art Mobiles

Art Mobiles
  • History of the PCS Art Mobile Program:

    Since the 1970s, the PreK-12 Visual Arts Department in Pinellas County has partnered with local art museums to create portable mini-museums called “Art Mobiles.”  Over the span of three years, a traveling portable is circulated throughout the district, visiting nearly every Pinellas County public elementary school.  K-5 students have the opportunity to visit an art mobile with their visual arts teacher while it is stationed at their school, resulting in approximately 14,000 students attending every year.  As they take the 30-40 minute tour inside, students enjoy a museum-like experience specific to their grade level, learning about various artists, the history and meaning of the artworks, and having close-up interactive experiences with the selected reproduced pieces.  The Art Mobile program has made it possible for our elementary students to experience the look and feel of an art museum without even leaving their school.  Referendum funds have helped out our Art Mobile program through improved upkeep and upgrades, as well as better curriculum development and teacher orientation training.

    Synopsis of Dali Museum's "Dali on the Fly" Art Mobile (currently in circulation):

    The Dali Art Mobile presents a very unique perspective through an engaging introductory video viewed by the students immediately upon entering.  Two gadflies, a Grandfather and his nine-year-old granddaughter, named Gala, tour The Dalí Museum in downtown St. Petersburg discussing the works of Salvador Dalí.  Using a drone and live action, along with animation, this educational documentary film about the amazing art of Salvador Dalí, is designed to teach students about the art style called surrealism and how Dali's art was inspired by dreams, math, and science.  Grandpa, the Spanish gadfly tour guide, knew Dalí well and was featured in Dali's paintings.  After the video concludes, the students are then provided a tour of the reproduced artworks by the art teacher-being, like a docent you would have at a museum.

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